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Nurse Navigator

Valerie Patterson

Valerie Patterson, RN, MSN, HCSM

Nurse Navigator

What is the Role of a Nurse Navigator?

Patients do not have to go through this journey alone, we are here for them.

  • Guide patients through the health care system -
  • Coordinate services
  • Help patients access health care options
  • Facilitate completion of appropriate insurance applications
  • Provide access to community and social support services
  • Work with community groups to increase cancer health awareness and provide cancer health education
  • Eliminate barriers to health care and ensuring timely delivery of services 

Patient Benefits may include:

  • Improved coordination of care
  • Improved efficiency in use of resources
  • Improved access to timely medical treatment
  • Improved patient satisfaction with cancer treatment experience
  • Improved access to financial resources
  • Improved comfort level with health care providers and the health care team at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital 

 Valerie Patterson, RN 

  • Associate Degree in Nursing from LSU New Orleans, LA
  • Masters in Nursing with a focus in Health Care Systems
  • Management from Loyola University in New Orleans, LA.
          Twenty-three years of nursing experience